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We offer full service hardwood installation, refinishing, custom designs and inlays.
Hardwood Installation
Dustless Hardwood Refinishing
Custom Decorative Flooring
Hardwood Floor Repair

Hardwood Floor Installation

We provide premium hardwood flooring in a wide variety of species from solid wood to engineered, prefinished, unfinished, any width, thickness, below grade or above grade to tongue and groove. Exotic Flooring follows every NWFA installation guideline for acclamation such as checking the moister of the subfloor & flooring, and reading the humidity in the home to assure your wood is ready to be installed. Our company will glue & nail any flooring 4″ and above for maximum protection of excisable movement in our Michigan changing climate. We pay close attention to the details like going underneath door jams, cabinets, dishwashers and how your particular floor is laid out. The details are extremely important for a beautiful outcome.

Dustless Hardwood Refinishing

We sand any species of hardwood flooring from new to old. We contain the area in a full enclosure using plastic and 3M painters tape at NO additional charge and our equipment is dust contained with a state-of-the-art vacuum system resulting in a 90% dust-free environment. We use a four-step sanding system to provide you with a flawless, flat, scratch free floor. We water pop stained floors using only commercial grade stains to give clarity to every board. We have a variety of protective finishes to choose from, fitting your budget and family needs.


Custom Decorative Flooring

Our Company Motto Is; If you can dream it, Exotic Flooring can make it come true! Artistic wood flooring has been a format for hundreds of years. From medallions to intricate borders and inlays, we have the hands-on experience to create and produce exactly what you have envisioned. From a large-scale pattern or a unique border around the fireplace or door entrance, we can give it that special touch it needs. Owner Javier Cardenas has over twenty years’ experience and personally works with all our clients and designers to achieve that special design and look they desire.

Hardwood Floor Repair

We work with all major finishes to suit your needs. Masterline, Fabulon, Dura Seal oil base polyurethane, Bona & Basic Coatings water base finishes or Glitsa are a few of finishes to choose from. We’ll work with each customer to find the right fit for their project.


What to expect from your new hardwood floor:

Hardwood flooring is both beautiful and durable. It is a lifetime investment that increases both the value and esthetics of your home. However, it is important to understand some of the inherent characteristics of a hardwood floor before you make your final decision to purchase a hardwood floor.

Hardwood flooring will dent and scratch. The term “hardwood” simply means that the tree from which the wood was harvested was a broad leafed dicotyledonous tree (a tree that produces seeds that develop into two leaves.) Basswood is a hardwood, although it is softer than pine. It is important to choose the correct wood for your application in order to minimize denting and scratching issues, keeping in mind that ALL wood floors will dent and scratch.

Hardwood floors are hygroscopic. This means that they will take on and give off moisture like a sponge, causing the flooring to expand and contract as the humidity in the room changes. Separations or gaps between the boards are common when the humidity is low, such as in the winter. The key is to keep the humidity in the home between 40% and 55% year round. The use of a humidifier in the winter and a dehumidifier in the summer will help lessen this issue; however, some movements is almost unavoidable. It should also be noted that the wider the flooring, the larger the expected gaps will be.

Hardwood flooring is photosensitive. This means that it will change color when exposed to light and air. When an area rug or piece of furniture is moved after several months, the hardwood floor underneath will likely look different from the surrounding flooring. If this is a concern, it is wise to rearrange furniture and area rugs frequently to allow the floor to color shift more consistently – or to choose a pieces of hardwood that is less photosensitive.

Never clean your hardwood floor with water or a water mixture. This can cause degradation of the urethane finish and can also cause problems with refinishing of the floor. Use only manufacturer recommended cleaners and a terry cloth mop.

Hardwood flooring is not intended to look like a table top. Flooring is manufactured from a lower grade of wood than that which is used for furniture. Small face checks, mineral streaks and other blemishes are acceptable in a hardwood floor that may not be acceptable on a piece of furniture.


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